TORQUE Martial Arts - Bellingham's Premier Martial Arts Studio

Welcome to TORQUE Martial Arts!

'This isn’t a martial arts school where you have to watch your wallet, or be concerned about your safety or the safety of your child. This isn’t a school made up of fighters. In today’s world self-defense isn’t about just the punch, the block or the kick, it’s about attitude, contribution, awareness, education, and compassion. We are a martial arts school that has come out of one of the most important movements in recent martial arts history; the return to authenticity and being a meaningful part of our community. Call us for an invitation, come see what we are doing, and explore our website to see exactly what we stand for.'

TORQUE Martial Arts is a collective of young and talented instructors hailing from various disciplines in the martial arts. Together, we offer extensive experience in the development of children; exercising not only a fresh new take on quality instruction in a positive / clean environment but we ourselves have the rare perspective of what it is like to be a child in martial arts today. Allowing us to effectively reach every child.  

 - Pay month to month; no contract -

Since opening our doors in late 2012, our mission at TORQUE Martial Arts stands to provide and foster a mutually respectful, positive, and intellectually engaging environment for our students and parents to grow toward and be nurtured by. Due to our focus on a structured and friendly environment, we are able to create and mold leaders in life that display these qualities both on and off the mat. This is not just our hope or goal as salesmen, but is truly something represented by our current students each & every day. Being able to apply (in their lives) what they have learned and not just recite these qualities is, to us, just as important as learning the physical skills and abilities we offer.

 - We earn your business back every month - 

At TORQUE you will find a clean and professional training facility, highly skilled and motivated instructors, quality driven students, and a variety of programs that we, as martial arts professionals, wish we had had when we were kids! Our classes are all designed to suit you and your family’s needs and schedules.